Our service saves licensed insolvency practitioners and their staff time, effort and money across every aspect of insolvency statutory advertising.

  • We handle all media contact, booking and placing your advertisement
  • Gazette notices will be arranged for the following working day (or the same day if you require)
  • Adverts in local, national and international newspapers will appear as early as publisher deadlines allow
  • We ensure accuracy and compliance – our expert staff are fully versed in content and deadline requirements under the Insolvency Act and Rules
  • We provide certified proof of publication

To make the whole process as easy and efficient as possible, you may choose to:

  • Make use of our full range of forms, which highlight mandatory information and standard content; or
  • Email the text of your notice to

To download our forms, click here.

April 2017 - New and amended legislation ...

To request copies of our new forms that take into account the forthcoming changes in legislation (effective April 2017) or for information regarding these changes please contact Peter Robson on 0208 501 9706 or


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